Arc+ Welding Simulator

A training tool that powers lifelike virtual welding practice. It is the most complete, easy-to-use and realistic simulator on the market.

The simulator’s movement detection system breaks down its user’s manual dexterity parameters and trains all welding positions without any need for calibration. Its graphic interface and its use of real welding guns account for its unequalled realism.

“The simulator creates a sane competition environment between students. It is enjoyable for them, while remaining a true training tool that teaches welding basic notions.”
“The Arc+ Simulator allows our students to acquire manual dexterity much faster and efficiently, a skill they can then transfer to real welding with confidence. This process improves our training in a lot of ways.”
Jean-Pierre Lupien, Groupe Tremblay
“It is a very innovative system which will undoubtedly become a well accepted tool for training of welders.”

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