Claude Choquet123 Certification Inc President and Founder, Mr Claude Choquet, recently appeared before the Government of Canada’s House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade to provide testimony on the state of the welding trade in Canada:

“During its most recent investigation into recruiting and training in the metal transformation industry, the provincial sectorial committee highlighted the lack of welders in Quebec. Almost 60% of companies in the metal transformation industry employ welders or welder-assemblers.

At the time of the investigation, the 935 companies surveyed anticipated hiring 1,400 welders or welder-assemblers, which represents close to 3,000 hires planned for all of Quebec, if we extrapolate these intentions to the entire industry. At the same time, we are seeing fewer graduates in the past 10 years. As a result, the 885 graduates will not be enough to meet the demand of Quebec metal manufacturing companies.

In Canada in 2010, the average revenue generated by a production employee in metal manufacturing was $236,000 a year. We have a shortage of about 2,100 welders, which is 3,000 minus 885. This means that the industry would leave nearly half a billion dollars in revenue on the table every year, in the province of Quebec alone, because of a lack of welders.

Our goal is to increase the supply of welders and optimize the use of existing resources in companies. We are proposing training for entrepreneurs and their welding supervisors, coupled with activities to raise awareness about the welding trade, which will boost the value of on-site employees and potential welders.”

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