ADRIQ’s 2016 INNOVATION PRODUCT revelation of the year:


Award presented by Mr. Mourad Debbabi, Professor and Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at Concordia University

Montreal Convention Center, November 24th 2016
At the 26th Innovation Awards Gala, the Selection Committee of the Association for the Development of Research and Innovation of Quebec (ADRIQ) awarded the prestigious Product Innovation Award 2016 to M. Claude Choquet, President of 123 Certification Inc.

The Arc+ NGMD 3D welding simulator from 123 Certification Inc. is the world’s first virtual welding simulator and has received a warm welcome from ADRIQ’s renowned guests of more than 400 decision-makers in Quebec’s innovation ecosystem.

123 Certification Inc. is a Montreal company specializing in the field of welding for over twenty-eight years with a mission to develop tools that complement welding training and facilitate the certification process. Their flagship product Arc+ NGMD is a cutting edge welding training tool using the latest technologies; offering today the best gestural learning tool on the market. The 3D technology, the modification of virtual parameters, the complete evaluation of manual dexterity as well as the welding are all values offered by the diagnosis of the Arc+ NGMD simulator. This diagnosis not only helps train quality welders but also to test the skill of the novice welder, and in particular for career development purposes.

The challenge of Claude Choquet and his team has been rolled up for the last 16 years: Arc+ NGMD has seduced and still continue to seduce the international professionals of the welding industry.


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