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Arc+ products are manufactured and commercialized by 123 Certification. Located at the heart of Montreal’s Quartier de l’innovation, 123 Certification stands at the cutting edge of technology to supply daring training tools to welding trainers and entrepreneurs all over the world.

Promising Field

Simulation technologies’ rapid growth has brought countless innovative training tools to the educational and industrial sector, revolutionizing the learning experience for many. More and more knowledge-intensive sectors such as health, aeronautics and defence are now fully integrating simulation into their training agendas, allowing recruits to progress faster than ever.

Pressing Demand

Many factors are giving rise to a worldwide shortage of welders: developed countries’ aging population, youth’s disinterest from professional vocations and the construction fields’ rapid expansion in developing countries, to name only a few. Arc+ virtual reality training tools provide a direct solution to this crisis. Simulators accelerate training while making the training more attractive than ever for recruits.


Our company innovates on a daily basis. Our international patent portfolio includes virtual simulation processes for neuromuscular training, certification delivery systems via communication channels, and virtual electronic certifications through data treatment.


Our company was founded in 2001 from a branch of the Welding Consulting Firm GCA with the purpose of addressing the growing market needs in training and certification.

A few years later, we launched our first 3D virtual welding simulator, an unprecedented innovation on the international market. This technology is now moving to become an integral part of all welding fields, allowing us to extend our market internationally, all the while persistently perfecting our products and services.

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2005 - First mockup model of Arc+ presented at the Transal Congress in Alma, Canada

2010 - Arc+ demonstration at Metalex trade show in Bangkok, Thailand

2011 - Live demonstration at the IIW Congress in Chennai, India

2011 - IIW Congress Ceremony in Chennai, India

2012 - Training Session in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2012 - Presentation at the Education Congress of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2012 - Live, full screen presentation at IREQ's Sympo-Alu in Varennes, Canada



Our team is formed with engineers, computer architects and technicians, researchers, sales and marketing specialists and developers. We all unite behind one common purpose: creating daring, state-of-the-art training tools.


Key Individuals



Claude Choquet | Founder and President

Claude Choquet is 123 Certification’s Founder and President. After having completed a Master’s degree in Welding Engineering in 1986, Claude has advised numerous prestigious companies through his own consulting firm. The latter quickly led him to investigate the simulation field and create a specialized spin-off which then became 123 Certification. In 2012, he completed Massachusetts’s Institute of Technology (MIT)’s Entrepreneurship Development Program. His career now adds up to more than 25 years of experience in his sector, in which he remains fully active. His title of Delegate at the Canadian Council of the International Institute of Welding (CCIIW) keeps him up-to-date on recent developments in the welding field, while it gives him access to a notable network of experts. He also frequently acts as a speaker, consultant and influencer.


Benoit Rouillard

Director of Operations

Benoit Rouillard has more than 23 years of experience in the simulation industry, having held key positions in several multinationals such as CAE, Adacel and CM-Labs. His field of expertise ranges from having a deep technical knowledge of product and software development all the way to mastering project management. His role in our business growth is invaluable.


Simon Shaienks

Director of Business Development

Simon Shaienks graduated from HEC Montreal with a Master of Science in Administration (M. Sc.). At 123 Certification, he works with our partners and resellers on a daily basis to ensure that product quality and customer satisfaction remain constantly at their fullest potential. His expertise in strategy and international business development helps us build strong, reliable and long-lasting relationships all around the globe.


Carol Vaillancourt

Welding Application Technical Expert

Carol Vaillancourt ensures a state-of-the-art standardization of welding procedures. His vast experience as a welding instructor and scientific technician adds an essential hands-on perspective to our Arc+ products.


Pranav Ashtaputre

Product Engineer

Pranav Ashtaputre’s expertise comes from renowned institutions such as McGill and Concordia Universities, Walchand College, as well as multinationals like Tata and Godrej. With us, he works relentlessly to incorporate various welding process parameters into simulation technologies based on Physics.


Since its creation, 123 Certification has provided solutions to welding institutes, training facilities and industrial companies in over 27 countries worldwide. Here are a few of our best clients.