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What can the Arc+ be used for?

The Arc+ Simulator is used for various purposes. Industries can use it to evaluate welders. This means that the hiring process is made simpler and cheaper with the use of simulators, and that current employees can be easily evaluated regularly. The certification training process can also take place using the Arc+. In training environments, the Arc+ Welding Simulator is usually used to initiate students, allow them to practice individually, evaluate them, all while saving on the cost of materials and energy consumption.

What makes the Arc+ the best simulator on the market?

The Arc+ was created and designed with a high focus on replicating the welding experience as truthfully as possible. Our company is deeply rooted in the science of welding, allowing us to transform realistically and efficiently all of our simulation technologies into truly useful training equipment. This also translates into a completely immersive virtual experience that includes smoke, sparks and sounds simulations.

In which parts of my teaching curriculum should I use the Arc+?

The Teach With Arc+ Manual was created to assist instructors in choosing which sections of their training to transfer to simulators, and how. In this document, you will find core competencies that can be acquired or improved with the help of a simulator, usage instructions, and training tips. The Teach With Arc+ Manual is shipped with every simulator. An online printable version of the guide is also accessible to all Arc+ owners and distributors in our Client Access section.