Arc+ NG Welding Simulator


The Arc+ welding simulator is a training tool that provides lifelike virtual welding practice. Its movement detection system breaks down users’ manual dexterity parameters and trains all welding positions without any need for calibration. Its graphic interface and use of real welding torches account for its unequaled realism.

Click here to view a 5 minute Arc+ NG Welding Simulator introductory video

Why Use Arc+

Train Better, Faster, Cheaper, Safer & Greener


  • Train Better
  • Rerun past welding exercises for instructors’ additional feedback.
  • Monitor trainees’ progress.
  • Share individual feedback with entire groups
  • Recruit from a tech-savvy generation more easily
  • Train Faster
  • Eliminate setup time
  • Maximize the time on arc for each trainee
  • Provide trainees with instant virtual coaching
  • Train Cheaper

An average trainee practices 60 welding exercises per week for 40 training weeks. Each exercise costs approximately $2. Assuming we transition 20% of the training on simulators for a group of 20 trainees, annual savings add up to $19,200.

  • Train Safer & Greener
  • Provide risk-free welds to beginners.
  • Reduce carbon emissions, metal waste and consumption of gas and energy


Who Uses Arc+

Since its creation, 123 Certification has provided solutions to welding institutes, training facilities and industrial companies in over 27 countries worldwide. Here are a few of our best clients.

Technical Specifications

System Description

  • Virtual immersion turnkey system powered by the detection of sensors that are placed on accessories in motion
  • Realistic immersive 3D environment with simulation of virtual smoke, sparks, and welding sounds.
  • 5-minute setup
  • Touch screen with the possibility to display on external monitors
Simple to use touchscreen

Simple to use touchscreen

  • Single-phase power suitable for 120 or 220/230V
  • Real welding torches
  • Height adjustable telescopic table for better ergonomics and support for vertical and overhead welding positions


  • 3 real welding torches for more accurate feel and durability:
    • SMAW with virtual electrode
    • GTAW/TIG torch with virtual electrode and high frequency welding pedal
Real welding torches

Real welding torches

  • GMAW, MCAW, FCAW, SMAW & GTAW/TIG processes
  • Travel angle, work angle, arc speed, motion straightness and stick-out variation guides
  • Multi-pass welds on various plate thicknesses
  • Flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead welding positions
  • Mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys
  • Various assembly sizes
  • Lap, fillet, corner and groove joint configurations
  • Over 100 WPS’s included, that are engineer-certified according to industry code
  • Small footprint for easier classroom setup
  • 3 levels (Beginner, Intermediate & Expert)
  • Practice, Exercise and Replay modes
  • Custom settings for right and left-handed welders
  • Printable diagnostic reports with data and graphics for travel angle, work angle, arc speed, motion straightness, stick-out and metallurgical diagnostics


  • Individual learning system
  • Possibility to analyze exercise results remotely
  • Classroom management with protected individual user accounts
  • Welding mask with virtual reality glasses
Welding mask with virtual reality glasses

Welding mask with virtual reality glasses

  • Height-adjustable telescopic table
Height-adjustable telescopic table

Height-adjustable telescopic table

  • T joint, V butt joint & Lap joint coupons
  • Fully calibrated. No calibration required by the user

Hardware & Software Options


  • Arc+ Server – enables a student to access their account from any Arc+ NG simulator and teacher can view student results from any simulator
  • Transport Cases for Arc+ NG Core Unit and accessories – airline baggage check-in compliant


  • E-learning software
  • Possibility of over 150 standard WPS’s

English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Private, cloud or independent network
Periodical remote updates

Internet access for remote support and updates


Download the Arc+ NG Welding Simulator Technical Specifications (PDF).

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