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List of patents and patent pending used in this Web site:

“Electronic virtual certification by data processing method via a communication network” WO0198874 :

An on-line certification service accessible over a communication network. Data concerning members formed of service entities and individuals are stored in a member database. Certification records associated with the members, based on data representing a standard, are stored in a certification database. A controller connected to the databases and the communication network registers the members, collects certification data, processes audited information from the members and manages the certification records accordingly with respect to the standard, manages access rights to selected elements of the certification records, and reports the selected elements of the certification records to an authorized user.

“Virtual Simulator Method and System for Neuromuscular Training and Certification via a Communication Network” WO2004057554:

A virtual simulator method and system via a communication network with possible physics law respect is used to create a virtual skill training environment for dexterity fulfillment of physical activities such as professional work, labour or craft activities, sport or even physical rehabilitation requirements where the skills or neuromuscular ability is required to be performed in a precise environment. All information required insuring a code of conduct, state-of-the-art, physic laws, technical code and technique for physical activities training certification for a member are managed and maintained in a database by an online processor. This database is maintained for continuous neuromuscular training improvement updates. Access to a third party witness in this training program is allowed to ensure code, law and state-of-the-art integrity when certification is required.

“Body Motion Training and Qualification System and Method” WO2006034571:

The system allows training and qualification of a user performing a skill-related training exercise involving body motion in a workspace. A training environment is selected through a computer apparatus, and variables, parameters and controls of the training environment and the training exercise are adjusted. Use of an input device by the user is monitored. The 3D angles and spatial coordinates of reference points related to the input device are monitored through a detection device. A simulated 3D dynamic environment reflecting effects caused by actions performed by the user on objects is computed in real time as a function of the training environment selected. Images of the simulated 3D dynamic environment in real time are generated on a display device viewable by the user as a function of a computed organ of vision-object relation. Data indicative of the actions performed by the user and the effects of the actions are recorded and user qualification is set as a function of the recorded data.